Tyros4 Styles

In October, 2010, Yamaha announced its newest flagship arranger keyboard, the Tyros4. Like all of the Yamaha arranger keyboards, the new Tyros4 has some exceptional styles and has more of them than any previous Yamaha keyboard. The following notes are from the Yamaha Tyros4 web site:

With the huge set of 500 built-in dynamic Styles, the Tyros4 puts a full professional-sounding backing band at your disposal. The Styles of the Tyros4 have been vastly enhanced with new Super Articulation Voices, and made even more powerful with DSP effect processing. Guitar parts respond accurately to your chord changes with remarkable realism, and human voice sounds can also be played with unprecedented expressiveness.

The Tyros4 preset styles in each of the style categories are listed in the table below. New style names are highlighted. You will note that there are 86 new style names, but even names that match styles in the Tyros3 may not sound the same since many of the styles incorporate new Tyros4 voices in the style itself as well as in the OTS voices. Note that you can watch Martin Harris demo many of the new T4 styles on our Tyros4 Styles Demo page.