Tyros3 Styles

450 Preset StylesThe following notes are from the Yamaha Tyros3 web site:If you're looking for a pro backing band to support your performance, Tyros3 has everything you could ask for - and more. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished professional. Styles follow your chordprogressions smoothly and seamlessly, just like a live backing band!The styles themselves are created by the world's best programmers, and mixed by studio engineers to produce unparlleled quality covering vast musical genres.The Style play (auto accompainment) feature puts a full backing band at your fingertips, even a solo performer can enjoy playing with the backing of an entire band or orchestra. There is an extremely wide choice of sound images and arrangements to choose from including Pop&Rock, Ballad, Latin and R&B. Playing chords with your left hand as you perform provides the Style Engine with the harmonic information it needs to ensure the backing band always matches what you play. Yamaha's Style Engine is continually developed and currently responds to more than thirth different chord types in any key and instantly produces a harmonically matching backing. Tyros3 also features a built-in Chord dictionary function that helps you find the chord you're looking for.The latest addition to Yamaha's style engine has been developed to accurately voice guitar parts in styles. SFF GE includes a new Guitar Note Transposition Table that isan interval change mechanism that reproduces all of the chord types you play with accurate guitar voicing - no matter what chord you play, it will sound like an actual guitar chord!The Tyros3 preset styles in each of the style categories are listed below. Additional style collections converted for use on the Tyros3 are provided below.