Tyros2 Styles

400 Preset Styles

The new flagship of the Yamaha arranger keyboard line is the Tyros2, introduced in 2006. This is the second generation Tyros and it has set a new standard for arranger keyboards. The most impressive feature of the new Tyros2 are the "Super Articulation" voices. These consist of incredibly realistic preset voices that have blown away most users who try the Tyros2.

There are more voices in the Tyros2 model than previous models and more styles. The styles in the Tyros2, like the Tyros and the PSR3000, take advantage of MegaVoices. Here's how Yamaha describes the MegaVoice Technology:

The MegaVoices deliver enhanced realism and expression, and are designed primarily for MIDI recording purposes. Since they make special use of velocity switching, with completely different sounds in the various velocity ranges, they are meant not for playing but for programming. For example, a guitar MegaVoice has various specific performance techniques assigned to different velocity ranges – making the voice difficult to "play" in real time (because of the precise velocities needed), but very useful when creating realistic tracks with MIDI data, especially when you want to avoid using several different voices just to make a single instrumental part.

These MegaVoices are used in many of the preset styles on the Tyros2 and are very important in improving the quality of this style set. In addition, although Yamaha doesn't stress the style quality in its Tyros2 promotion, the styles on this keyboard are exceptional and styles with the same name used in earlier keyboards are not necessarily the same style at all. You can try out many of the new Tyros2 sounds and styles by checking out these Media Clips from Yamaha.

In the User's Manual (p. 152), Yamaha describes two kinds of styles in the Tyros2:

    These styles provide professional and exciting arrangements combined with perfect playability. The resulting accompaniment exactly follows the chords of the player. As a result, your chord changes and colorful harmonies are instantly transformed into lifelike musical accompaniment.
    These styles provide even greater realism and authentic backing by mixing in original chord types and changes, as well as special riffs with chord changes, with the Main sections. These have been programmed to add "spice" and a professional touch to your performances of certain songs and in certain genres. Keep in mind, however, that the styles may not necessarily be appropriate -- or even harmonically correct -- for all songs and for all chord playing. In some cases for example, playing a simple major triad for a country song may result in a "jazzy" seventh chord, or playing an on-bass chord may result in inappropriate or unexpected accompaniment.

Of the 400 styles, 43 are "Session" styles (style type is ".sst") and 357 are "Pro" styles (style type is ".prs). The type of style shows above the style name when you load the style. However, if you save that style to the User area or to a USB storage devise, where you may want to change the OTS or alter in some way, the style type (Session or Pro) no longer shows above the style name.

These are, I believe, among the best styles that Yamaha has produced. However, to hear them as they are designed, you need a Tyros2. The MegaVoices are in the Tyros and the 3000, but, even here, there are many more voices in the Tyros2 so, changes are, voices used in the accompaniment may not be on the earlier models and so a voice substitution would have to be made. This is also true on the OTS selections. The styles often call for the new Super Articulation voices, which aren't on any other Yamaha keyboard. Substitutions would have to be found for many of these as well. So, while you may see some versions of the Tyros2 styles made available for earlier keyboards, they will not match the quality of the original styles.

The preset styles in the new Tyros2 are listed below. Click on the category names to download a zip file of the styles in that category.