Tyros Styles

300 Preset Styles

With the introduction of the Mega voice technology in the TYROS, Yamaha paid special attention to the Tyros styles. Here's how they are described in the "Features" section:

    The 300 musical Styles found in this digital workstation are best described as having a backup band at your fingertips. Choose a category of music (like Rock, Country or R&B), select a Style from the menu and play your favorite song. It's that easy. Each Style has up to 8 different musical parts that provide drums, bass, guitar, horns, strings and any other musical instrument that suits the genre of music you have selected. TYROS also features many different types of Accompaniment Styles. Pro-styles provide professional and exciting arrangements combined with perfect playability. Session-styles automatically enrich the player's chords with additional color notes or even harmonic progressions. Basic-styles cover a wide range of music while the arrangement is kept basic and generic, and therefore extremely versatile....

    Yamaha has always had great Styles, but with TYROS, they are taken to new heights of realism because of the Mega Voice Technology. An example is the new Unplugged Styles. Because the Unplugged Styles are guitar-focused, a major amount of time and effort was dedicated to making sure that these Styles "voice" like a guitar would, on both regular and extended chords. For the ultimate realism, the guitar parts in these Styles were actually played (and programmed) by an LA session musician using a Yamaha Pacifica Guitar with a G50 MIDI converter! You can rest assured that our Global Style Programmers take all of the work out of making realistic band tracks that you can use for live performance, studio work, song writing and MIDI file creation. With TYROS, just do what you do best – sit back and play.

    Looking for musical Styles for your local church choir? TYROS has you covered with many new additions to our gospel section. They're so good, you'll want to get on your feet and clap along. How about jazz? One of the goals of the US part of the Global Style Team was to incorporate some Styles that would work for hobby and gigging musicians that like to play jazz. The goal was to make it so you can grab your favorite fake book, sit down, select a jazz style and play. Great detail was spent on the walking bass and guitar parts, making sure that they voice correctly for extended chords (like 13s, sharp and flat 9s and sharp 11 chords). When you get your hands on a TYROS, try the Slow, Moderate and Fast Jazz styles and the Slow and Moderate Jazz Waltz styles. They really swing!

This same team of programmers also decided to apply their musical knowledge and expertise to some of the R&B and Latin styles in TYROS. When you combine this extraordinary programming ability with the tremendous sounds in the keyboard, you can't help but make good music. You can use the built in Styles, play Styles directly from floppy disk or optional hard drive, purchase Styles at YamahaMusicSoft, search the Internet for Yamaha Styles that other customers have created, or create your own. And TYROS is backward compatible with Styles created for other Yamaha products.

While the TYROS was backward compatible, that is, styles made for the 9000 Pro or earlier PSRs could be played on the TYROS, the reverse is generally not true. The mega voices used by many TYROS styles simply do not exist in earlier keyboards. The velocity settings used to trigger effects of the mega voices, just cause unwanted sound when played on earlier keyboards. So these styles must be converted for use with earlier keyboards. The conversion involves removing the mega voices and substituting voices used in the TYROS that are not available on other keyboards. You will find a number of such conversions available here in the style pages for those earlier keyboards.

For newer keyboards, such as the PSR3000 and the Tyros2, most of these styles will work just fine, although again, some tuning may be required to adjust the balance of the voice volumes or to substitute voices. In all the keyboards since the 2000, the styles included voices in the four one-touch settings. These panel voices often have to be adjusted to match the panel voices in your own keyboard.

The TYROS styles are listed below by category. You can click on the category titles to download a zip file of the styles in that category. The default tempo and signature is shown with each style.