PSR-S950/S750 Styles

The PSR-S950 includes 350 Pro (prs), 32 Session (sst), 1 FreePlay, and 25 new "Audio" styles for a total of 408 styles in 11 style categories. The more junior PSR-S750 has 295 Pro and 30 Session styles (and none of the new audio styles) for a total of 325 styles, 83 styles fewer than the S950.

Here's what Yamaha says about the S950 styles:

Playing a Style is like being the conductor of a band that always plays the chord and arrangement you tell them to play. The new PSR-S950 has a huge set of 408 built-in dynamic Styles. Yamaha Styles are created by the world's best programmers and mixed by professional studio engineers to ensure unparalleled quality.

Audio Styles

Audio Styles take one step further by adding an audio recording of studio drummers, percussionists and percussion ensembles playing in various recording studios from around the world. This adds the natural feel, ambience and warmth to the drum and percussion parts of the Style, giving your performance greater expressive potential. Yamaha Time Stretch Technology allows the audio to follow your tempo changes without changing pitch, so everything stays in perfect sync.

Guitar-Enhanced Styles with Mega Voices

Guitar-Enhanced Styles not only reproduce the sound of guitar playing, they reproduce the actual chord voicings used by guitar players. This adds to the overall realism of the Style.

For a description of all the features in the new S950, visit the PSR-S950 page at Yamaha US.

The table below lists all of the styles in the PSR-S950 and PSR-S750 (the number in parentheses by each style category is the number of S750 styles). Styles highlighted by a blue font are not available in the S750. A bold blue font indicates one of the new "audio" styles. There are a total of 98 styles in the S950 that are not available in the S750. Styles highlighted by a red font are in the S750, but not included in the S950. There are 15 such S750-unique styles. The numbers following the style name are the default tempo and the time signature