PSR-S910/S710 Styles

322 Preset Styles

The PSR-S910 includes 293 Pro (prs) and 29 Session (sst) for a total of 321 styles in 11 style categories. The more junior PSR-S710 has 216 Pro and 16 Session styles for a total of 232 styles, 90 styles fewer than the S910.Here's what Yamaha says about the S910 styles:The accompainment styles found on the PSR-S910 give keyboard players a quick and easy way to sound fully arranged with little or no setup required.... The PSR-S910 allows one keyboardist to instantly sound like they're backed by LA's hottest session players, Nashville hired guns, or New York's finest studio cats.... all at the touch of a button and the voicing of a chord.The table below lists all of the styles in the PSR-S910 and PSR-S710 (the number in parentheses by each style category is the number of S710 styles). Styles highlighted by a blue font are not available in the S710. Styles highlighted by a red font are in the S710, but not included in the S910. The numbers following the style name are the default tempo and the time signature.