Yamaha PSR-9000 Styles

200 Preset and Flash Styles

At the Winter NAMM 2000, Yamaha introduced the PSR9000, their new flagship arranger keyboard. Yamaha no longer produces the PSR9000, but this keyboards had some wonderful styles. Here's what Sweetwater had to say about the new PSR9000 styles in their Early Summer 2000 Issue:

"...Let's talk about the auto accompaniment -- and we're not talking about those rinky-dink polkas and sambas that were a trademark of yesterday's portables. We're talking about everything from tight jazz to loose blues and beyond -- and yes, there are still polkas and marches available, but they actually sound like real musicians playing in a real band, not the old cardboard cutout stuff. In fact, no matter what kind of music you enjoy, the PSR9000 has the perfect accompaniment onboard! Over 100 styles are provided, and all of them have been arranged by living, breathing professional musicians. Each style has its own unique four Main Variations, three Intros, three Endings, four Fill-ins and one Break Fill. Four "One-Touch Settings," any of which can be freely customized, are provided for each style."

The OTS format in the 9000 was not an integral part of the style and is not compatible with the format in more recent keyboards, but the styles can be converted for use with other Yamaha keyboards and you can, of course, add your own OTS.

The PSR9000 keyboard had 9 Preset style categories (shown in the table below). It also had 8 additional category buttons (I - VII) for 85 additional Flash Styles. These were styles stored in the keyboard and could be used just like Preset styles, but they could also be replaced with other styles from a floppy disk. The original Preset and Flash styles are combined into the relevant categories shown in the table below. The styles shown under Pianist and Floppy were provided with the PSR9000 and gave users a wide selection of styles that could be used to replace Flash styles not normally used. Click on the style category title to download a zip file with the styles in that category. Click on the table title to download all the files in a single zip file.