Yamaha PSR-740/640

160 Preset Styles

The PSR740/640, introduced in 1999, was an excellent keyboard, which many owners still enjoy playing. Here's what Yamaha had to say about the PSR740's styles:

"The PSR740 and 640 contain 160 fully arranged music styles, including specially designed Pianist Styles, to backup your musical performance. Each style has its own unique Intro, Main A/B/C/D variations, and Ending, as well as four fill-in patterns for added musical expression. You can change the instrument part settings of any music style, or even create your own custom styles. The PSR740 also features 'Count Intro' and 'Simple Ending' to enhance your musical performance."

The table below shows the styles included with the PSR740. The time signature and the default tempo are shown in parentheses. Click on a category title to download the a zip file with the styles in that category. Click on the table title to download all the styles in one zip file. (Note: styles listed here updated with corrected original tempos on 2 October 2008. - JW)