Yamaha PSR-730 Styles

100 Preset Styles

The Yamaha PSR-730 was replaced by the PSR-740.  The PSR-740, in turn, was replaced with the PSR-2000, which was followed by the PSR-2100, the PSR-3000, the PSR-S900, and now the PSR-S910.

The original internal PSR-730 styles have all been adjusted by Randy Johnson who used Michael Bedesem's StyleUpdater program to convert the 2-variation (AB) styles into 4-variation (ABAB) formats.  This also had the benefit of fixing some "double-ending" problems encountered in the original styles.  (Several styles -- Big Band Quickstep, Cajun, and Euro House -- were too large for the PSR-2000 when converted by StyleUpdater, so I converted them manually on the PSR-2000.)  Charley [Rattley] was kind enough to provide PSR-2000 versions by adding OTS to all of these PSR-730 styles.  Charley's conversions are available in the first table (zip files with a "2k" suffix).  Randy's conversions, without the OTS, are available in the following table. If you click on the link in the table title, you can download all the styles in one zip file.

There are 100 styles in the PSR-730.  I have grouped them into style categories and then included several categories in one zip file.  These styles will fill up the better part of three disks when unzipped.  The categories shown below are close, although not identical, to the original categories.  Note: actual filenames include the default tempo so that it is easily visible in the PSR-2000 window when selecting a style file.