PSR-3000 Styles

240 Preset Styles

The PSR3000/1500, introduced in 2004, are miid-range arranger keyboards, replacing the previous PSR2100/1100 models. While the 2100 was only a minor improvement over the 2000, the 3000 represents a major step forward. It includes many of the preset voices found on the Tyros model as well as the Tyros Mega voices, which provide more realistic voice sounds in the preset styles.

The styles are a significant improvement over the styles in the 2100, which were basically the same as the styles in the 2000, and there are move of them. There are 240 preset styles in the PSR3000 (190 in the PSR1500). The PSR2100 includes 203 preset styles, the PSR2000 had 181 preset styles, and the PSR740 had 160 preset styles.

The 2000 and 2100 allow users to load a style from a floppy disk about as fast as the preset styles. This expanded the available styles to literally thousands of styles, although not all at the same time. A floppy can hold about 30 to 40 styles, so putting a floppy disk in the keyboard gave instant access to the preset styles and the styles on the floppy disk. In addition, the user memory could hold an additional 20 to 30 styles.

The PSR3000 does not have a floppy disk! In its place is a slot for a SmartMedia card, which, with its 16MB capacity, can hold hundreds of additional styles. But even more important, the PSR3000 introduces a USB port that can hold the industry standard USB thumb (or flash) drive. These little devices are common, and relatively inexpensive now, and can hold thousands of styles. And, you can unplug the drive from your PSR3000, take it to your PC, plug it in there, and copy as many styles, or other PSR files, onto it as will fit. This was a really great leap forward. With the PSR3000, a user can have all the styles they may need, instantly available, at the press of a button. This, coupled with the great sounds and styles in the 3000, has made this keyboard very popular not only for home hobbyists, but for professionals as well.

The 240 preset styles delivered with the PSR3000 are listed below. All of the styles in a particular category are listed individually and each category can be downloaded in a single zip file by clicking on the style category title. These styles will play perfectly fine on the Tyros. Since they incorporate the Mega voices in style accompainments, they will not play well on older keyboards as is, but would have to be adjusted to remove the mega voices and to substitute OTS selections that are not available on earlier PSR keyboards.

You can audition a variety of the PSR3000 voices and styles by checking out these Media Clips from Yamaha.