Yamaha 9000Pro Styles

9000Pro: 202 Preset/Flash Styles

At the Winter NAMM 2001, Yamaha introduced the 9000 Pro, a new top-of-the-line model, the first with 76 keys. The press release focuses on many new enhancements with this model, but barely mentions that it also included preset styles. Here's how Yamaha USA, however, described the 9000 Pro styles:

A Complete Selection of Accompaniment Styles -- Even if you play a diverse range of musical genres, you'll find just the accompaniments you need in the 9000 Pro. Over 100 preset styles, from basic 8- and 16-beat and standard big band styles to contemporary hits and hot Latin beats, are provided – all of which have been arranged and programmed by top professional musicians. For even greater variety, each style has 4 Main Variations, 3 Intros, 3 Endings, 4 Fill-ins and 1 Break Fill. In additional, 4 fully customizable One-Touch Settings are provided for each style.

For a demonstration of "What is a Style", click here (1.3MB download – requires Macromedia Flash).
Customizable Flash Styles

On top of its wide selection of preset styles, the 9000 Pro provides 1.8 MB of flash memory for you to store your own style-sequences as well as those imported from Yamaha Style File disks. The Groove and Dynamics function lets you precisely control subtle aspects of a style's groove, allowing you to effortlessly transform a 16-beat ballad into the latest dance beat.

Many of the styles in the 9000Pro differed from the PSR9000. In fact, we see here many styles that were later to appear in the PSR2000 and later generation keyboards. Styles are available in a zip file (click on the style category name to download the zip file. The table below shows all the styles, preset and flash, available in each category. Also included is the default tempo of the style and the time signiature.