Software 1

Although a lot of editing etc. of styles, registrations etc. can be performed in the keyboard, many prefer to use computer software for these tasks.

During the years a number of hobby programmers have created a lot of fine software programs.

This page lists software designed especially for the Yamaha Tyros, PSR, CVP, DGX and YPG range of keyboards

 JS  = Jørgen Sørensen
 MB  = Michael P. Bedesem
 HP  = Heiko Plate
 KW  = Kim Winther
 MM  = Michael Metzger  

Style Editors & Players JS CASM Editor JS MDB Editor JS midi2style JS MIDI and Style File Checker JS MIDI and Style Player JS OTS Editor JS OTS Viewer JS OTS Volume Changer JS Style File Renamer JS Style Fixer JS Style Format 2 Converter JS Style Format Finder JS Style Half Bar Fill Creator JS Style in YEP Files JS Style Old Format Converter JS Style ReMixer JS Style Revoicer JS Style Split and Splice JS Style Tempo Editor JS Style Time and Tempo in Name JS Style Time Editor JS Style Unlocker

 JS  Style Volume Changer
 MB  MixMaster
 MB  Style Dump
 MB  Style Player
 MM  Style Player
 MM  StyPos
Visual Styler
Style Dumper
One Man Band
MFX Styles
Live Styler
Style Works
stygmorgan (Linux)
Performer (zip file)
PSR Style File Player (zip file)
Style Editor (zip file)
StyleMagic YA
KBD-Infinity - Style and MIDI Player etc.
Simplified Style Player

Expansion Packs Software
YEP Voice Manager (exe file)

Registration Editors
 MM  RegEdit
 KW  PSR Registration Memory Finder
 KW  Tyros Registration Memory Finder
 KW  Tyros Global Reg. Bank Changer
Registration Shuffler
Regbank Edit
List Yamaha Keyboard Registrations
Murray's Registration Manager

Voices and Voice Editors
Tyros - Magic Voice Generator
Wave Xtractor
TransMIDIfier - instrument patch switching etc.
Tyros Voices - Dynamix Audio

Icons and Icon Editors
Yamaha Display Screen Capture
Display Snapper (zip file)

Music Finder Editors
 JS   Music Finder File Manager
 MB  Music Finder View
Music Finder Editor

Database Programs
 JS  Style Duplicates Manager
PSR Style Database
Music Database (zip file)

Misc. Programs
 JS  Software Program Manager
 JS  Voice Finder
 MB  FolderCheck
 MB  PadMaker
 MB  PadMaker-Midi
 HP  Cubase Patchname Scripts
 HP  VoiceRevoicer
 HP  Ins File Checker
 MM  MDBEdit
Power tools for digital keyboards

Software 2 

 General Music Software