For the most technical minded the computer gives a lot of possibilities to create music - or music software programs.

Interesting topics are e.g. Music format conversion; automatic music generation; and cataloguing/database programs.

At the listed web sites you can find invaluable resources for programming your keyboard; and for programming music and MIDI computer applications.

Programming ProjectsMusic Programming LanguagesRecordare - Music XMLMusic NotationThe MSQ ProjectHumdrum Toolkit SoftwareWedelmusic Home PageMIDI and wav PlayerInternet Synthesizer InstructionsMPL - MIDI Programming LanguageThe Computer Music Project SoftwareKeyKitMidiShare Development Kits

Direct Music
Composing Music for Interactive Titles
DirectMusic Symphony
Playing MIDIs and WAVs
Developing MIDI applications
Playing Music in Managed DirectX
DM Demo
Music Arrangement Software on Segment File

VB.Net and C# Resources
JUNOLAND - Midi-Compose
Mark Hirst - Components in C#
Play a MIDI file
The Code Project
MIDI Toolkit MIDI piano
CodePlex - MIDI Projects
Recording Sheet Music
Mark .NET
WPF Midi Band

Java Resources
Java Sound API
Niffty - NIFF music display Java applet
MIDI software programming (pdf file)
jMusic - Composition in Java
JFugue - Java API for Music Programming

C++ Resources
MIDI Programmer's ToolKit
HP Midifile
Computer-Performer Interaction
MIDI Library for developers

More programming resources:
 MIDI Resources
 MIDI Setup