Music! It is all about Music isn't it?
It is not possible - and not the purpose of this site - to cover all aspects of "Music".
Nevertheless, at this page a number of Music Resources are listed.
Many of these are very interesting to keyboard players - and other musicians as well.


Harmony Central

Synth Zone


Wholenote - Music Resources

Jim Bottorff - Banjo songs etc.

Bob Keller's Jazz Page - Resources

Freebyte Music Zone

Music Production
100 Computer Music Tips (pdf file)
101 Recording and Mixing Tips (pdf file)
Computer Music - Make Music Now  (pdf file)

Theory, Tutorials and Books
How Music Really Works - Theory
Musictheory on net
teoria - Music Theory
Online Music Courses
Freebies - Free Books on music
Music Theory For Songwriters
Multimedia Music Dictionary
Software Sequencers Online Advisor
Tutorials - Music in Newcastle
Basic Music Theory Elements

Understanding Scales and Key Signatures
Piano Cheetah
Computer Music Tutorials
Music Books - Music Sheets

More Music resources:
 MIDI Files
 Chords - Patterns

Country Music Top 500
Gold Standard Song List
Top 40 Hits of 1930-1998

Text based Notation
abcMIDI - text-based music notation
abc notation - text-based music notation

Tips for Playing in a Band
VirtMus - the modern music stand

Music News
Yamaha Press Room - Piano and Keyboard
Google News Yamaha Keyboard
KVR Audio News
SMM Music Software News
SMM New Software Releases