Music Software 1

A lot of computer software tools and utilities for music production are available; some even for free. These are invaluable resources for musicians and music arrangers.

At the listed web sites you can find a variety of Music Software Programs designed for general or special music production.

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Lyrics Software
Lyrics On Display
Digital Fake Book

Composing Software
Draw Music Software
Synfire Ultimate Composer Program

Sequencer Software
Wikipedia List of MIDI editors and sequencers
Music Notation Software
Anvil Studio
Logic Pro Audio
Sweet Sixteen
Cubase - Steinberg
Harmony Assistant
Power Sequencer Plus 3
Logic Fun - Free Home Studio
Pizzicato Professional
Propellerhead Software
GVOX Encore
Guitar Pro - Tablature Editor Software
Power Tracks
MIDI Connections

WinJammer MIDI Sequencer
Turbo Play
MidiWorks - MIDI File Editor
Brels MIDI Editor
Multitrack Studio
Jazz++ MIDI and Audio Sequencer

Scanning Software
SharpEye Music Reader
Musitek SmartScore
Audiveris Music Scanner

Learning and Practicing Software

Notation and Printing Software
Wikipedia List of scorewriters
Finale Music
Midi Notate - Notation
LilyPond Note Printing Software
MidiIllustrator music notation software
Mozart Music Notation Software
NoteWorthy Software
Chord Pro Songsheet Generator
MuseScore - Composition & Notation
The ABC Plus Project
Noteflight - Online Music Notation
Musette Free Music/Song Editor
MIDI Sheet Music
Chord Sheet Editor Add-In for Word
musink - Beautiful sheet music
MIDI score creator

Music Software 2 
 Drum/Beat and Chord Software
 Yamaha Keyboard related Software