Chord Patterns

Haven't we all been dreaming of writing a smash hit; or making an outstanding performance?

Well, less will have to do for the majority. But anyway, some good advice from knowledgeable persons will always be useful.

At the listed web sites you can find the music theory and practice; plus tools for composing and song writing.

Most of these resources apply to songs as well as to styles composing.

ChordsChord FinderGitarre - Guitarre - GuitarGuitar Chord FinderTranspose Chords in LyricsChord ProgressionsChordfinderKeyboard ChordsAll That Chords Softwareweb.transpose.tool

Samples and Loops
Pattern Sequencers
Middle Eastern Rhythms
Music midi drum patterns
Prosonic Studios Midi Patterns
Drum Track Zone
Arabic Rhtyhm Patterns
EKN Midi's Drums
Free MIDI Riffs

Drum/Beat Software
Gradywerks MPG64-R Drum Machine
Monkey Machine - online drum machine
Yamaha - One Finger Chords (exe file)
Doctor Rhyme
Hammerhead Rhythm Station
Drum Station
MIDI Drum Files

Chord Software
Akkorde - Chords for beginners (exe file)
Chord Pulse
Chord Pulse Lite
JamBuddy Chord Player